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How To Become A Peacemaker

In my last post we looked at the topic of peace and the Fruit of the Spirit.  We learned that we need both the peace of God and the peace with God.  But what about having peace with other people.  What happens when the peace between you and another person no longer exists.  How do […]


I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to update my blog lately.  Over the past month our website was under attack from viruses and then my Mom passed away.  But our site is healthy again and it is time to move on. We’ve been looking at the “Nine Secrets Of Healthy Living” based on the […]

3 Days Until Christmas Devotional

[buzzsprout episode=”37945″ player=”true”] Welcome back to our Christmas devotional.  There are only three days left until Christmas.  No during the last few days we’ve been looking at the comparison of a Christmas tree decorated with beautiful physical ornaments to the cross of Calvary which is decorated with beautiful spiritual ornaments. So far we have seen […]

19 Days Until Christmas Devotional

[buzzsprout episode=”37179″ player=”true”] Yesterday we started looking at the topic of Christmas joy in Luke 2:8-20 and we saw how on the first Christmas the angel made a JOYFUL ANNOUNCEMENT. Today we’re going to look at how the choir sang a JOYFUL SONG. Luke 2:13-14  Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with […]